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How to use The®Stick

Techniques for the Lower Back / Hips /Legs

The technique pictured here is used to reduce postural faults, ease chronic back strain, and inactive myofascial lesions, which complicate MOST low back recoveries.
Sacral Lesions  
S/I Joint Lesions  
Chronic Back Strain  

Sacral Lesions  
S/I Joint Lesions  
Chronic Back Strain  

Deepest Massage to Back Muscles  
(area of treatment is left erector group) 

Increase Flexion Trunk Bending  
Hamstring Injuries  
Sciatic Neuralgia  

Sciatic Notch Lesions  
Gluteal Trigger Points  

Tensor Fascia Lata Lesions  
Quadriceps Trigger Points 

Techniques for the Neck / Shoulders / Arms

These exercises are performed more often than all others. Trigger points of the lateral neck flexors and posterior neck extensors are easily located and inactivated while the intracell is being rolled with the long grain of the muscle. Ranges of neck motion are dramatically increased from this single exercise.
Occipital Neuralgia  
Chronic Neck Strain  
Increases Flexion Bending  
Relieves Tension Headaches  

Rotator Cuff Lesions  
Increases Shoulder
Ranges of Motion  

Repetitive / CumulativeTrauma Disorders  
Lateral Epicondylitis (pre & post with dynamometer) 

Trapezii and Levator  
Scapulae Lesions  
Stress Reduction  
Supraspinatus Trigger Points  

Interscapular Lesions  
Especially Trigger Pointsof the Rhomboids  
Chronic Neck Strain  

Medial Epicondylitis  
Repetitive / Cumulative  
Trauma Disorders  
(pre & post with dynamometer) 

Looking for Instructions?

Click the image below to download The®Stick Instructions.