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 kettlebell swing



is the focal point for sport medicine and science activities within the provincial sport system. A wealth of information can be located on our website, including a searchable Directory of BC practitioners 

Running Times

 - the runner's best resource for training plans, racing advice, road race rankings, guides to shoes, marathons, camps, cities... and some of the best writing on the sport.

Frontrunners (Nanaimo) is located at Longwood Station (Thrifty Foods and Liquor Store mall), between Rutherford Mall and Woodgrove Mall on the old Island Highway in Nanaimo.


From Antarctica to Zimbabwe, Run The Planetoffers descriptions of where to run and walk in the cities of the whole world, told by the locals, and to use while you are away from home. Marathon information, specialized running pages, and links. The largest worldwide running community on the Internet.


Your Number One Resource For Functional & Developmental Conditioning

Virtual Sports Injury Clinic

 Offers a ‘Virtual Diagnosis’ and information on over 100 sports injuries with rehabilitation, sports massage, strapping & taping and more..



The Worlds On-Line Running Information Magazine



BioMedTalk.com Forum

A Discussion and Advertising, Life Science, Medical and Health Board where scientists, physicians, patients, manufacturers, vendors, employers and job-seekers exchange ideas, post commentary and advertise Business, Products and Services..

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TheStick For Muscle Wellness
TheStick encourages  muscles to work harder, last longer and recover faster"    (TheStick) A Toothbrush for your muscles.