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"Our athletes use TheStick to get the most out of their training, prevent injury and optimize their performance. You should too." 
- Loren Seagrave, Sprint and Hurdle Events

"This simple Stick concept will change the future of sports by allowing the athlete to train harder and more frequently." 
- Norm Miller, Strength coach - Olympic Bobsled Team

"As I mentioned, I am the shoe buyer at Frontrunners, and a marathoner (reigning Canadian champ) to boot. I was put onto TheStick by a gentleman who used to train with Abdi Bile, the Somalian world 1500m champion from years ago. The whole Somalian team used TheStick pre and post workouts. At any rate, I had one in my closet at the time and pulled it out after talking to the man. I have used TheStick religiously now for 7 years.


So ... long story short, I need to get a little (and more portable) Stick so that I can look like a nerd at the local coffee shop.
Brilliant, thanks very much!""
- Jim Finlayson, 2-Time Canadian National Marathon champion

"Thank You for the Posture Curve treatment tool!  I was curious about it from your literature, but had not gotten around to placing an order.  I have shared the literature with other therapists already.  But now I can tell them and show them how it works.  At age 15 I hurt my back at the L4-5 areas.  I recovered rather well, but got back aches and lock ups when under emotional stress.  Well I am now almost 57 (birthday is Tuesday the 28th) and I do feel stiff frequently.  I use a therapy ball instead of a chair in my office to keep moving a bit.  Yesterday, I tried the Posture Curve.  In the bend over test: pre-use my finger tips were 5 inches from the floor.   After one session they were 2 inches from the floor and after second session that evening my fingers were barely brushing the floor. After one session today my fingers are pushing into the floor.  I bet the way I am going, my hands will be flat on the floor by the end of a week of use!  Thank you for the delightful pre-birthday present that will definitely help me NOT feel my age!"
- Jill Stuart Moncilovich, PhD, OTR/l

"I bought the Flex Stick 3 weeks ago for my FMS and it has already changed my life.  Prior to using the stick I had severe muscle spasms and my shoulder muscles had been as hard as rock for a month even after deep muscle massages, and I was in severe pain.  After using the stick for 3 days (4 times a day, 5 minutes each time) my shoulder muscles were completely relaxed, I had only minor muscle spasms, and much of the pain was gone.  All my muscles were relaxed - what a rush!  Some of my muscles are still sore as well as the tender and trigger points, however they are becoming less and less sore with every day.  The Stick has also enhanced my sleep which is an important factor for those of us with Fibromyalgia.  I give myself a massage with the Flex Stick before bed which relaxes my muscles and allows me to sleep better I have shown my Flex Stick to many people including my Doctor and Chiropractor who are both very interested in your product.  In the next few months I will be ordering additional Sticks for myself and for FMS friends.
It is truly a wonderful product."
- Anne B

"My stick arrived at work yesterday, and immediately my nurse Lidia was interested, (after I tried it on her back and shoulder) and I gave her your number. then at home, my boyfriend was thrilled -- since I'm not the most generous "back rubber" due to my tennis elbow, and then.....me! and so far so good!  I've printed out your customized tennis elbow instructions, but prior to this I had already pretzeled myself to make it work around my elbow, and it was good - and I tried the hamstring and neck/shoulder blade, and it seems really truly wonderful, and so so simple!  next.....the cats!
Thanks, this was a worthwhile investment!"
- Julie

"I was a little skeptical at first when I read about the stick, I decided to give it a try, that was 6 weeks ago. Since then I've noticed a gradual improvement in my muscle pain. I work on an offshore oil rig and am offshore for 21 days at a time so you look for anything that will help take the edge off so you can get through 21 consecutive 12 hour shifts in a fairly stressful environment.
I've had fibro for 7 years and some pretty rough times but must keep on trudging on to support wife and family. We must not give up hope, we can only help ourselves because each of us are different and come from many diverse backgrounds."
- Thede

"I ordered the Stick, and I find it fantastic.  There are places you cannot even massage, but with the stick.  I can get to them.  I don't have to ask anyone to give me a quick massage to get rid of those muscle spasms anyone.  The Stick does it for me.
I am quite happy that I have found something that works"

"I am so grateful to have discovered the stick.  I am now bending without agony and walking longer distances without too much pain.  I went 3 miles last night and the night before.  I have been walking 2 miles a day before that since January (and have lost 26 pounds).  I'm now normal weighted which is great too.  That helps the joints as well."
- Lisa